Differences Explained: Canon EOS 550D, Rebel T2i and Kiss X4

Recently, while having a chat with our team of passionate customer service, I was told that many of you were rather confused about the difference between Canon EOS 550D, Canon Rebel T2i and Canon Kiss X4. While sound of getting a Rebel or a Kiss sounds to be completely two different things, the three camera models are essentially the same and is part of Canon’s regional branding policy.Regional Branding

The Canon Rebel branding is used mainly for America and Canada, while the Canon Kiss is for the domestic Japanese market. That leaves the Canon EOS branding for the rest of the world. However, to further confuse things, there are actually export versions of the Kiss series around too which differs from the domestic version by way of language options. Basically, the Kiss X4 comes with English and Japanese menus while the export version comes with multi-languages. The Canon EOS 550D comes with a choice of European language menus but they may also vary somewhat if sourced from different South-East Asian countries according to our purchase department. However, I have personally yet to see a 550D without European language support. If you are not concerned about non-English menus then basically, you can get any of the three without any loss in features.

Shopping Tip If you are looking for good deals then it’s probably worth looking at each of them to see if which offers the most attractive pricing. You never know as it is quite possible that you will see a rather large price difference under different branding options.